Patient Responsibilities



1. To observe the rules regarding the obligations incumbent on him during the hospitalization;
2. The hospitalized patients are obliged to wear the regular hospital attire during the hospitalization;
3. The movement of patients in other wards than those in which they are hospitalized is prohibited, except in cases that require investigations;
4. The hospitalized patients can leave the health unit only for various consultations and investigations prescribed by the doctor;
5. It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and smoke inside the hospital;
6. The hospitalized patients are obliged to respect the medical staff from the ward where they are hospitalized and from the hospital;
7. Patients are obliged to show a civilized attitude towards other hospitalized patients;
8. Respecting order and tranquility, keeping cleanliness in halls, dining room, corridors;
9. It is not allowed to disturb the peace, the degradation of the furniture and goods from the endowment of the ward and the hospital, otherwise they will be
obliged to pay the equivalent value of the damaged goods;
10. The introduction of audio-visual equipment in the institution is possible only with the consent of the head doctor of the department.
11. The hospitalized patients are obliged to respect the rules of personal hygiene;
12. To observe the rules of access, conduct and discipline of the hospital;
13. To ensure individually the protection and protection of personal goods, of value that they introduce in the hospital, assuming their entire
responsibility for them;
14. The patient / relative has the obligation to read the informed consents applied in the unit and to sign them;
15. Strictly adhere to the treatment plan and discuss any changes they want, or that occur from
external causes, with the attending physicians or with doctors from the same area of ​​specialization as those who established the treatment;
16. Assume full responsibility for the consequences of refusing to follow the treatment, instructions and
medical staff recommendations;
17. To inform the medical staff, just in time, of any manifestation or reaction to its treatment
prescribed medications.
18. To return to the hospital wardrobe the hospital equipment received at the hospitalization;
19. To pay the value of medical services if the patient is not insured in the social health insurance